Small Grey Outline Pointer von Skizzen und Häschen
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I needed a little break from drawing MGS stuff so I decided to do a quick redraw 9v9 Hope you like it <3
I decided to redo one of my old paintings
Hope you (still) like it ♥
eyeliner game 2 strong
Aaaah coloring Blackoutarts’ outlines is always fun ehehe 9v9 <33 I think that’s the third time I got to color her lines and I tried a few new techniques, hope you like it <3
I’m a huuuuge sucker for fluff and cute stuff so I drew this to send subliminal messages to y’all draw/write bosselot fluff draw/write bosselot fluff draw/write bosselot fluff I-is it working?
I felt like doing some studies today, here’s one of them!
Ref: x
I finally found time to draw some fanart of Big Boss 9v9 Hope you like it <3
my part of the art trade with jokapaiva 9v9
I hope you like it!
Hyaps and I have been listening to Love Deterrence all day so I decided to draw Paz for her! Hope you like it 9v9 <3