Small Grey Outline Pointer von Skizzen und Häschen
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Process of this drawing (๑>ᴗ<๑)
This looks so different from the stuff I usually draw aaaah but I like it a lot ;v;
sketch for Miss Zombiebride on facebook
Happy Birthday, Aza!
Ocelots are proud creatures



Since I have been attacked by spyware last month, my online bank account access had been revoked. No biggie you say, well… The thing is; I had a lot of money issues to deal with lately, and have been spending too much money without having an overview of the mess. I’m a depression patient and struggle with daily issues for a long time now, I always need to write down everything I have to do on a list. I need to do that so I have more “space” in my head to deal with things I gotta do every day and concentrate on important things…like social contact. My recent therapy helps a lot. I found a lot of friendly people lately, befriended some of them, and well, I can proudly say I’m finally happy what happens with me and my life. It was a long way to this and…honestly, I can’t let my life go down the drain again by this, the way was too hard and too successful to stop everything (Projects, University) just because my bird brain wasn’t able to count numbers together this month!
So here’s the deal.
I offer you a chibi drawing of your character for 7$. (Paypal only.) It doesn’t matter if they have horns, piercings, are made of goo, are a simple human, lack of any sign of any sex or wear fruitbras! I love all of your ideas, and you’d make me very happy if I can interprete your character in my style!
Allright guys, my inbox is ready for your input!
Stay rad, y’all.

A friend of mine need some help, if you got some spare money over please help her out. Reblog this if you can. :)

Are furry characters alright?
Furries are welcome! :D

a doodle of Marielle (◍•ᴗ•◍)
drawing the bae (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
drawing the bae’s hair is a nightmare
Ayyyy time for more redraws _(:3
I have to admit I’m a little proud of my improvement ;v;
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